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I could talk about the back surgery I had in 2013 and how cannabis has helped me deal with chronic pain that’s just never gone completely away. That’s easy. Cannabis is a wonderful alternative to opioid pain killers when you get it from the right source like best kush delivery. And opioid  makes me physically ill. However, I’d also like to talk about an equally important, but less well known way that cannabis has helped me. I’m an alcoholic. I spent most of my 20’s and early 30’s under control of the bottle, and I almost lost everything. I credit best kush delivery for helping me ween down my alcohol consumption and replace it with quality cannabis. I’m now over 3 years sober from alcohol. I can easily manage my cravings with cannabis as long it comes from these guys Best Kush Delivery. Using cannabis in moderation has not only improved my health without the drinking, but virtually every relationship I have, personal and professional. Thank you best kush delivery for helping give my life meaning again.”

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