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The Strawberry Cough strain is totally self clarifying through its name: it suggests a flavor like strawberries and will make you hack. This strain is super treats like and sugary, and will have any sweet tooth fulfilled. Beside that, Strawberry Cough is extraordinary for elevating your spirits and will place you in the state of mind to associate in a matter of seconds.



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Strawberry Cough is a supporting, taste-centered sativa half breed. Secondly, ts undeniable strawberry enhance is the aftereffect of crossbreeding by cannabis pioneer Kyle Kushman. In other words, its great buds won the title of Best Flower in the 2013 Cannabis Cup. Fruity and light, this strain is an inspiring and beneficial smoke that can be appreciated in an assortment of settings.

This strain, however, is a combination of Strawberry Fields and old-school staple Haze. Meanwhile, the normal THC piece of this strain is somewhere in the range of 15% and 20%. Emerald Cannabis Worx tried Strawberry Cough through pH Labs and subsequently, hit a record high of 22.98% THC in 2018.

Who Gave Strawberry Cough?

Kyle Kushman, a past High Times publication chief, made this strain, as it were, by chance in 2000. Kushman cases to have gotten a little a clone from a kindred reproducer – a pipsqueak, as a result, the clone had purportedly been become by a strawberry fix some place in Connecticut. Kushman was struck by the clone’s impactful strawberry aroma – he named the strain Strawberry Field, and in the long run crossed it with a Haze plant.

After that, the outcome was this strain, a half breed that preferences delicate and sweet and conveys a decidedly cerebral high. Meanwhile, Kushman assembled a buzz around Strawberry Cough’s in New York City’s underground cannabis advertise. He at that point moved out west to concentrate on development in California and gave out clones of Strawberry Cough on the crosscountry drive, boosting its prominence significantly more.

The wide prevalence of this strain shows that taste-centered crossovers are something other than customer oddity. This current strain’s gentle yet unmistakable taste and its sweeping high have made it one of the most famous accessible in dispensaries today – its allure has even handled a notice in the prophetically calamitous film Children of Men, as Michael Caine and Clive Owen share a joint of the stuff. Useful for a daytime support or a night hang, Strawberry Cough shows what amount thought and centered reproducing can do.

Sort of High:

Strawberry Cough pot strain initiates cheerful cerebral high, supports innovativeness, invigorates brain and body. Advances social conduct, snickers and loquaciousness. Might cause slight murkiness impact on the head. Followed by craving support and mellow sofa lock.

Hereditary qualities:

Strawberry Cough cannabis strain is a combination of Strawberry Fields and Haze. Otherwise known as Sweet Escape

Health Benefits of Strawberry Cough Strain

Some have said that Strawberry Cough Strain is a definitive psychological well-being maryjane strain, acting quick to assuage an assortment of emotional wellness issues and conditions influencing the brain. This cannabis appears to phenomenally bring down feelings of anxiety by quieting the brain and body, and hindering the pulse to an agreeable pace where center and fixation can become more clear — without the additional nervousness.

Besides, gloom, uneasiness, bipolar confusion, PTSD, occasional full of feeling issue, and neurosis can improve and build up a diminishing of negative manifestations with the assistance of Strawberry Cough Strain. Those with states of mind should start by devouring a little portion of this strain, stirring their way up in measurement as they better see how the plant is influencing them.

Strains with high potencies of THC can some of the time sway those with mental clutters contrarily, which is the reason it is critical to check in normally with yourself in case you fall under this order. Inside the physical domain, Strawberry Cough Strain can likewise be of help. It has a significant capacity to handle exhaustion, torment, and sickness.

For the individuals who are looking for alleviation from torment or other physical troubles, Strawberry Cough Strain ought to be expended in somewhat bigger amounts (and along these lines an elective technique for utilization could be helpful to get a more THC with minimal genuine devouring included”.

Edibles, concentrates, removes, tinctures, confections, and chewy candies are for the most part potential arrangements, and some of them may even be accessible at your nearby clinical maryjane dispensary or recreational pot shop.

Final Thoughts On Strawberry Cough Strain:

With everything taken into account, in the event that you are even mostly genuine about your cannabis utilization and additionally place a need on strains that expand their flavor profile while as yet giving a kick-ass high.

Strawberry Cough weed is authentically an absolute necessity attempt bud. Its mix of a smooth toke and intense cerebral impacts are top notch, and it’s commonly pretty generally accessible in most respectable cannabis dispensaries – both recreational and clinical.

Additionally, on the off chance that you are an individual scanning for a characteristic option in contrast to ordinary medications for interminable or intense pressure, ADHD, melancholy, tension, suspicion, PTSD, or incessant agony, Strawberry Cough may very well be the ideal strain to start your pursuit with.

Whatever you do, if you don’t mind make certain to demonstration capably and consistently expend cannabis as per nearby principles, laws, and guidelines.

Where to Buy Strawberry Cough Strain Online:

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