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Super Lemon Haze strain is an 80/20 Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. This cannabis strain bred by Green House Seeds. In 2008 and 2009 this herb won the 1st place of High Times Cannabis Cup, and in 2010 the IC420 Growers Cup. Super Lemon Haze buds taste of lemons and candy. It takes 56-65 days to grow indoors and is ready for harvest in October-November. Super Lemon Haze is extremely strong, not the best choice for beginners. The weed is good for day time medical and recreational use.



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Super Lemon Haze Strain For Sale, winning first prize for two consecutive years (2008 and 2009) in the High Times Cannabis Cup. And bringing home first prize the following year at the IC420 Growers Cup. lemon haze strain is rapidly turning into an exceptionally unmistakable strain.

In addition, its actual structure Super Lemon Haze Strain is a Sativa prevailing half and half, made by Arjan of Green House Seeds. The reproducer started with a female from his notorious Super Silver Haze Strain hereditary qualities.

Which won three successive Cannabis Cups in 1997, 1998 and 1999. And painstakingly raised this with a 3-way cross of Haze, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5.

What Strain is Super Lemon Haze Strain?

Arjan then reproduced that side-effect with the more famous Lemon Skunk – a strain that advanced from Las Vegas to Amsterdam by method for a reproducer named The Lemon Man – to get the Super Lemon Haze Strain you see today in dispensaries all through the West Coast.

The hereditary qualities of Super Lemon Haze Strain join sweet and tart, lemony tastes (halfway because of the terpene Limonene) and fragrances that make for a smooth high that starts in the body yet rapidly streams to the psyche.

The THC tally of this strain can reach as high as 25 percent, which can prompt suspicion and nervousness when devoured in bigger amounts by fledgling smokers.

Fiery and social, this crossover can be incredible daytime prescription for dispensing with exhaustion. Nervousness and stress. The state of mind raising properties of may likewise help manage mind-set issue, for example, ceaseless sadness, PTSD or potentially uneasiness.

This strain may help patients managing minor torments, sickness and craving misfortune. It may in like manner help patients over come ADD/ADHD and cerebral pains.

Not the best decision for a beginner’s initially develop, super lemon haze strain is a strain that doesn’t require a great deal of consideration, however it might require support during blossoming. That season of improvement can last some place in the scope of 56 and 65 days, which gets ready plants for accumulate in October or November outside.

Super Lemon Haze Strain is appropriate for the Screen of Green strategy. Inside producers like Green Shop West may get as much as 600 grams for every square meter come gather, outside this might be as much as 800 grams for each plant. As a result, super lemon haze strain, is impervious to the parasite Botrytis, dim shape.

Kind of High:

Super lemon haze strain maryjane initiates solid cerebral elation, invigorates psyche and body and prompts snickers. Animates inventiveness, improves center, inspires state of mind. Alleviates pressure and sickness, assists with controlling agony, muscle fits, and seizures.

Hereditary qualities:

Otherwise known as: Special Lime Haze Strain. Super Lemon Haze Strain cannabis strain is a hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.

Health Benefits of the Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Strain

Not reasonable for legitimately treating ailments that profit by CBD-substantial cannabis items, this CBD low strain is rather basically useful at helping people experiencing a portion of the contrary unfriendly impacts that can emerge because of a progressively genuine clinical infirmity.

Customarily, those managing genuine ailments should live through mass measures of awkward or even agonizing side effects, which is the place a THC-rich strain like Super Lemon Haze can step in to realize alleviation and self-restraint.

On the off chance that you are encountering a progressively physical side of the torment range, admitting a bigger than normal portion of this maryjane would be increasingly fruitful, on the grounds that then the Super Lemon Haze Strain can work at its full capacity and produce the most ideal outcomes.

Devouring edibles, hash, bubble hash, confections, chewy candies, pill-structure THC, live tar or focuses, are altogether immediate and profoundly intense techniques for assimilation, requiring less vitality use than basically smoking numerous dishes one after another.

A large number of these strategies additionally shield your lungs from smoke introduction. Ailments in the psychological domain, can likewise profit monstrously from Super Lemon Haze Strain Cannabis, as people with misery, stress and nervousness have revealed enormous alleviation with the assistance of SLH maryjane.

Expending a decent amount while encountering a psychological issue is essential, on the grounds that the overconsumption of any cannabis strain in this case can cause an expansion in terrible distrustfulness, uneasiness, and stress.

To maintain a strategic distance from this, have a cannabis limit for yourself, and adhere to that limit. Check in with yourself and how you feel frequently, ensuring that you are without a care in the world during and after each part of pot you admission.

Where to Buy Super Lemon Haze Strain:

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