Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer


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Who is the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer for?

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer is intended for the individual who acknowledges quality at each corner, and is happy to pay for it. It uses the most recent Bluetooth controls, however is as yet easy to use, with astounding effectiveness. Regardless of whether you like to blow packs and move around the house, or utilize the new whip for more grounded taste profiles, you’re reliably getting a best in class understanding.

Whips and packs – Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

For a long time the Volcano has driven the route with its notable pack and immaculate valve framework. The Hybrid offers that equivalent meticulousness for direct draw. The whip has a lot of length to cool the fume, and the wind current is simple and agreeable. Presently we have the best of the two universes!

Incredible for solo or gathering use – Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Packs are extraordinary for any event. Explode them somewhat while vaping alone, or top them off for greater gatherings and take them anyplace. Whips regularly work better flying performance, however the Hybrid whip advantageously swivels, so it’s anything but difficult to go around the hover as the gathering develops.

Quickest Volcano ever:

The new Hybrid Volcano warms up in just one to two minutes, or about to what extent it takes to set up a bowl. That is a major improvement over the three to six minutes more established adaptations required. When it’s up to speed, the Hybrid can rapidly explode many sacks easily.

Most noteworthy wellbeing appraisals:

With more than 12 years of innovative work and broad wellbeing testing, German-designed and fabricated Volcano vaporizers procure the qualification of being clinical level gadgets.

Proficient on numerous levels:

Proficiency can mean various things to various individuals, and the Hybrid Volcano deals with them all. The protected pack and valve framework catches everything. In order to cook your herbs between this, you can evacuate the bowl.  Also, the Volcano completely extricates all that you need from your natural mixes, abandoning nothing.



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