Medical marijuana literally changed my life to way it was before diagnosis

Kurt S.

I am so grateful for Best Kush Delivery  for giving me the information and referrals I need to get treated for breast cancer with cannabis instead of harsh chemicals and radiation. I was guided through the whole process and I have been using the sublingual tincture with 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, and I am feeling fantastic

Carrie Ann Salvi

Medical cannabis has helped me lead a better life by helping me manage chronic pain.  I have experienced as much, and sometimes more relief from cannabis than other traditional medications.  I appreciate that the Best Kush Delivery could a long time suffering patient like me and I look forward to passing on my positive experiences to end the stigma associated with cannabis use.

Denis M. Rashford

I have severe anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia.  I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping at night.  I didn’t want to keep taking sleeping pills because when I wake in the morning I am very groggy and it takes a long time for me to fully wake up.  Now that I have been using CBD products I am able to relax and get the much-needed sleep I need.  I now wake up refreshed and ready to start my day.  I also recently had to deal with the death of my brother.  The CBD products have really helped me to stay calm and I was able to get through his funeral a lot easier than I would have without the products.  I highly recommend Best Kush Delivery's cannabis products. "The Remedy and Rhythm Painkiller.”

Sophia P.

I could talk about the back surgery I had in 2013 and how cannabis has helped me deal with chronic pain that’s just never gone completely away. That’s easy. Cannabis is a wonderful alternative to opioid pain killers when you get it from the right source like best kush delivery. And opioid  makes me physically ill. However, I’d also like to talk about an equally important, but less well known way that cannabis has helped me. I’m an alcoholic. I spent most of my 20’s and early 30’s under control of the bottle, and I almost lost everything. I credit best kush delivery for helping me ween down my alcohol consumption and replace it with quality cannabis. I’m now over 3 years sober from alcohol. I can easily manage my cravings with cannabis as long it comes from these guys Best Kush Delivery. Using cannabis in moderation has not only improved my health without the drinking, but virtually every relationship I have, personal and professional. Thank you best kush delivery for helping give my life meaning again.”

Port Jefferson

I’ve nasty disease called Ulcerative Colitis for the last 5 years with bleeding and pain in my stomach. I’ve tried other medicines that doctors recommended but it didn’t help much and I’ve started to feel the side effects. Couple months ago I started using cannabis and now I feel 90% better! I love going to the Dispensary near my home called Best Kush Delivery. The people working there are very knowledge about there products and suggest the right products. This is my new pharmacy and I’ll stick with them! Thank you Best Kush Delivery.

Ben .S

Thank you Best Kush Delivery crew, for your Rick Simpson Oil, It has been a lifesaver - literally. When my father was diagnosed with ALS in 2014, he was given 3 - 5 years to live with no known cure at hand. While we have tried everything else, it was not until I started treating him with rso thc oil from best kush delivery that we saw miracles happen. Best Kush Delivery team, has helped me a lot and the rso thc is far more effective in caps form. Truly amazing.

Christopher Stamper Jr.

You guys keep up the good work helping patients finding quality organic marijuana strains for their needs. Need people like you guys, so people like us do not get steered wrong, for sure. Thank you again, and keep up the good work.

David Slineski

As an adult patient, I have several auto-immune conditions which medical marijuana has provided numerous benefits, physically and especially emotionally due to the constant distress caused by my conditions. The strains have been great for me, even with all of the uncertainty in Montana recently these guys still deliver. has been really great, and helped me find quality medical cannabis I need for my medication.


We are 100% satisfied with the services provided by! They have exceeded every one of our expectations and they continue to impress us with their quality organic strains and their never-ending innovations for the industry.


I had severe anxiety and stress and it was very hard to go out in public and do the thing I needed to do without worrying about others around me.  I became so stressed that I started to lose sleep and became very slow and weak. Ever since I started using medical cannabis from, I have more energy, started to become more rested and, bests of all, I became more social in my personal life. I'm so grateful to Best Kush Delivery for always bring quality to patients.

Jay Berman

I have suffered from PTSD and anxiety for most of my life. I spent many years trying to find a medicine that would help me with mood swings and troubles with sleep. Marijuana always worked the best. I would have to drive long distances to get what I needed and, often times, these interactions were in bad parts of town, with unsavory people. Since I discovered Best Kush Delivery in the internet,  I have found the perfect medicine to help control my anger and nightmares. Now, I can safely and securely order my medication online from without a doubt.The customer service is very helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about all the products they sell.

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